Beth S. Patterson, MA, LPC: Clinical Supervisor for Oregon LPCs/Interns; Psychotherapy & Grief Counseling for Oregon Residents

Life’s challenges come in many forms and can feel overwhelming. Whether you are coping with the death of a loved one, pet loss, divorce or separation, job loss, illness or disability, infertility, stressful caregiver trials or other challenges life throws in your path, you may experience difficult feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, discouragement, loneliness, hopelessness or fear.

Beth Patterson specializes in the following services:


For a safe and non-judgmental environment to help you navigate life’s changes, Beth Patterson provides quality psychotherapy for Oregon residents (online and in person in Eugene/Springfield, OR), grief counseling and mindfulness meditation instruction and coaching to individuals and groups in Eugene/Springfield and and online.  Beth is licensed as a psychotherapist in Oregon, and is approved as a registered clinical supervisor for LPCs and LPC interns.  One grateful client who has worked with Beth on many difficult life challenges wrote:

“Thank you, Beth,  for being so present with me so that I could get to where I am today.  How do you thank someone for introducing you to yourself?  Thank you hardly seems enough but it is profound gratitude.”

Online therapy, grief counseling, and mindfulness meditation instruction and coaching is perfect for clients with busy schedules, who are housebound or with physical disabilities or limitations, live at a distance or desire an added degree of privacy, convenience, and flexibility. Beth’s clients all say that they really like and benefit from online therapy mindfulness instruction and coaching, and appreciate the flexibility and convenience it provides.

With Beth Patterson’s compassionate guidance, strength and peace can replace negative feelings and beliefs. You can transform grief and loss and other difficult feelings into healing and growth.

Beth Patterson offers a free half-hour phone consultation.


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Beth is thrilled to announce the publication of her book Love Without Limit:  Reflections of a Buddhist Psychotherapist.  It is available through, Nook, iBooks and all other e-book outlets.  This short book offers valuable advice on using mindfulness and other Buddhist practices to work with the challenges of life.

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