Anxiety Counseling

Do you worry excessively?  Are your thoughts about the future causing you undue stress and panic?  Do you build your problems into insurmountable hurdles that seem impossible to deal with?  Are you having trouble sleeping or making it through the day because of your obsessive thoughts about “what if…” or “if only”? Are you easily scared or upset, or are you often on edge, waiting for the other shoe to drop?  Are you nervous about being with with other people because you worry about how they view you, or afraid that they will see your “flaws”? Do you feel like you’re constantly or usually on the brink of catastrophe?  Are your thoughts spiraling out of control? Are you abusing alcohol or drugs as a way to deal with your constant worries?

A little bit of anxiety is normal, but as the above examples illustrate, anxiety can become overwhelming, all-consuming or unhealthy. Undue anxiety can cause physical ills such as headaches, stomach ailments, shaking, sweating, muscle aches, difficulty breathing and insomnia. Anxiety can also cause emotional problems, relationship problems lack of confidence or self-doubt.

I can help you through my skilled and empathetic anxiety counseling help you overcome your overwhelming or excessive anxiety, and begin to live your life with vitality confidence and joy.

I provide a safe and nonjudgmental space for you to process your anxiety, and learn ways to let go of your spiraling thoughts, and relieve your distress and the physical symptoms that accompany your anxiety. Many people with high anxiety have difficulty sleeping, and I can teach you a very effective exercise for getting to sleep and sleeping through the night without the use of drugs. You will wake up feeling refreshed rather than groggy. I use a combination of cognitive, cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, mindfulness methods and somatic or body-centered therapy to help you effectively manage your stress and anxiety.I am also a certified mindfulness meditation instructor, and can teach you how to meditate, if you are interested in learning this ages old practice, common to all faiths,or no faith at all. Just a few minutes of meditation, simply sitting comfortably, watching your breath, and not turning your thoughts into “novels” can bring lasting changes so that you are not overwhelmed by your thoughts. I also teach other meditation techniques that you can do on the spot throughout the day — even something I call “driving meditation.”

You might think your anxiety is genetic and can’t be overcome.

It is true that some people are genetically predisposed to anxiety and worry. Anxiety can actually change our cortisol and adrenaline levels, which in turn can change our DNA. By doing a simple family genogram together, we can see if and how genetics plays a role in your anxiety. Seeing your family history in such a clear way can give you greater understanding and compassion for yourself and your family members. Rest assured that being genetically predisposed to anxiety is not a “life sentence”or impossible to treat and overcome. With my compassionate guidance, you can find ways to overcome your anxiety. In addition to learning the origins of your anxiety and how it has affected you and your family, I will give you simple tools you can use in your everyday life to overcome your anxiety. There is a way out of the distress you are feeling in your daily life, and you are worth living a life of joy and ease.

But isn’t anxiety helpful for getting things done?

A little bit of stress is actually a good thing, but not when it is overwhelming and affecting your relationships, job performance, sleep or health. Normal stress is an early warning sign that can be motivating and instructive. I will give you tools to tap into that useful type of stress so if is of benefit to you. However, too much stress leads to anxiety, and can be debilitating.  I will help you discover for yourself the difference between helpful and motivating stress and the harmful, distressing and unhealthy anxiety you have been experiencing.

I’ve been living this way forever, so how can I possibly change?

My clients tell me that they appreciate my direct approach in challenging their limiting or unhealthy beliefs and habits. Many people have a habit of telling themselves, “Oh, that’s just the way I am” or “It’s impossible for me to change” or “That’s impossible for me because of my history.” My years as a mindfulness meditation instructor have taught me that our thoughts have no real substance. You have the power not to be controlled by your thoughts — yes, really! I will give you exercises to practice at home to challenge your thoughts and behaviors, notice where you hold anxiety in your body and learn to release it in productive ways, as well as helpful guided visualizations or relaxation techniques. I do not have a cookie cutter or standard method for alleviating my clients’ anxiety. Instead, listen carefully to my clients and observe their body language and demeanor, getting to know them as unique individuals, with different backgrounds, needs, personalities and relationships. By getting to know you and by creating a relationship with you that is genuine and authentic, I will customize the tools I use and the way I work with you to most effectively help you heal. With my deep listening to you, in body, mind and spirit, I will skillfully, patiently and compassionately guide you to overcome the habitual patterns that have resulted in your distress and anxiety.  Change is at your fingertips – so give me a call!


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