Grief Counseling

Has A Recent Loss Left You Overwhelmed With Pain, Grief And Uncertainty?

Are you having a difficult time dealing with the loss someone or something that was important to you? Are you struggling to work through your feelings of grief and other difficult emotions? Are you having recurring or intrusive images of the death of a loved one? Do you find it hard to concentrate on anything other than your loss? Are you experiencing sleep disturbances, weight loss or gain, or depleted energy levels as a result of your loss? Are you prone to bursting into tears unexpectedly or unable to stop crying? Has your grief affected your relationships, job or ability to function on a daily basis? Are you anxious about the future, or do you have fears about being alone? Do you feel overwhelmed by your pain and wonder if you’ll ever be able to experience peace and joy again?

The experience of loss can be very painful or confusing.  You may be feeling angry, uncertain, guilty or overwhelmingly sad.  You may be struggling to understand and manage the emotional ups and downs that are a normal part of grief. You may feel like you’re on a non-stop rollercoaster, with little or no control over unexpected sharp twists and turns.

Grief can be overwhelming and scary. Losses often put us in places of ambiguity as well as pain, and the uncertainty of not knowing what to do or how you’ll feel next can be a challenging road to navigate on your own.

Everyone Is Affected By Grief And Loss

Grief, loss and change are inevitable and natural components of the human experience. Every change – even a positive one such as giving up a bad habit — entails some sort of a loss. Grief and loss are often associated with the death of a beloved person or pet, but losses can be manifested in many ways and by many things. Events like divorce, job loss, illness, miscarriage, career change, moving to a new city, or even having a baby, can have a profound affect on how we feel. Sometimes it is difficult to give a name to what we are feeling.  All we know is that we are feeling something painful.

Grief Counseling Can Help You Process And Integrate A Loss In Ways That Provide Peace

Having a safe and supportive place to work though the pain of your grief is very important. In our sessions together, you will have the space, support and time you need to tell your story – over and over if needed – as we work together to create meaning and clarity around your loss. I will guide you through developing an understanding of your loss and the feelings that it has created. I will provide you with tools to help you cope with your loss.

As we sort through your fears and other difficult feelings such as anger, guilt, shame and other difficult feelings, I will encourage you to notice how those feelings resonate within your thoughts and body in a mindful way. Your body can be a powerful guide as you learn how to tune into what physical sensations are telling you. The body can remind you, especially as you process a loss, that you are always whole.

Over time, the pain you are feeling will dissipate. You will never forget what you lost, but it will no longer interfere with your life. I will work with you to integrate your loss in a healthy and positive way and create a space within you that adds meaning to your life. You can begin to view your loss as a meaningful and transformative experience that has added to, and not subtracted from, your wholeness as a person.

But you still may have questions or concern…

I’m afraid that if I disconnect from my pain, I’ll lose a connection with the person or pet I lost.

Once you work through your pain, you may actually find that you have a better and more complete relationship with the person or pet you lost. When pain is alleviated, the positive and joyous memories of times spent with your loved one can fully emerge. Therapy will allow you the space to process your grief in a safe and supportive environment. In time, painful feelings can melt away, without severing your special connection. You can then integrate your loss into your heart in a way that feels positive, rather than painful.

I don’t feel great, but I’m doing okay for the most part. I’m worried that grief counseling will shine a light on my loss and that I’ll end up feeling worse.

Do you really just want to feel just “okay,” or would you like to fully experience peace and joy again?  It is a fact of life that we have to experience our pain in order to get to the other side. Experiencing pain is necessary for healing, growth and transformation to occur. There is light on the other side, even though you may not be able to see it right now. Our work together may be hard and you may feel challenged at times, but you will not be alone. I will support you through the entire process and the painful feelings that may emerge. In time, you can learn how to integrate your loss into your life in a meaningful and joyous way.

I keep thinking that in time, my pain will go away on its own. Time heals all wounds, right? In time, I should be able to do this on my own.

You may be right. Sometimes, time does help to soften our pain as we move further away from the immediacy of a loss. However, sometimes, we really do need a helping hand. It’s okay to seek and accept support during a challenging time. I encourage you to realize that you don’t have to work through your pain alone. Grief counseling can help you process your grief and loss in a more complete and meaningful way. Reaching out demonstrates strength and courage.  Dealing with your pain in a supportive environment now can help prevent negative, residual feelings and behaviors from being triggered in the future. In our sessions together, you can make significant self-discoveries, learn to fully appreciate yourself and develop skills to manage your emotions in healthy, meaningful and transformative ways.

I invite you to download a free copy of my report, “4 Ways to Know You Need Help With Your Grief.”

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